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This spice grinders is handmilled in Turkey where centuries of traditional of craftsmanship is offered.

Grinders are made of Zamak (brass and zinc), which is obtained by amalgamating copper and zinc that makes them very durable.

Turkish Pepper, Salt, Spice, Hand Mills


Turkish Pepper Mill for grinding spices such as pepper, salt, rice. Not available for the wet seeds.


Turkish Pepper Grinder can be used with bowl and pour after grinding or use as opened directly to your meal.


with complete metal body and mechanish. There is no plastic parts on Turkish spice grinder.


ISO 9001 Certified.
Easy to use and clean.
Detachable bottom part.
Available for grinding spices such as pepper, mustard, rice.
Can be used pour after grinding or use as opened.
High quality cast body.
Made in Istanbul, Turkey.


Height: 8.00 cm / 3.1″

Diameter: 3.5 cm / 1.38″

To Use

Just spin the grinder on the food.


Clean the bottom part before first use. Please use rice for first time to cleaning grinder and do not use first grinded food.
Please do not clean with water or washing machine.

Please contact for wholesale.

Coffee Grinder Spice Grinder Salt Grinder Turkish Grinder Pepper Mill

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